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Thursday, January 28, 2010

What I REALLY Love about Winter

Okay, that last post was a joke. A bad one, I know. While winter is not my favorite season (but it's in the top four!) here is my list of things to love:

1 - Snow days are a good excuse to watch movies all day.

2 - Hot cocoa

3 - Fires in the fireplace. Wish we had one!

4 - Lots of free time to catch up on housework. Cause, you know, who wants to go outside when it's -30?

5 - Christmas lights in the snow. So pretty!

6 - Sledding!

7 - Celebrating birthdays for Diva and Squeak

8 - Planning a winter getaway to the beach

9 - Valentine's Day

10 - When it's finally over

What I Love About Winter