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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm Sorry, Yoga Girl ~

With the arrival of the new year, it's time to have a conversation with the little yoga girl at the top of my blog.  I let her down this year.  My original goal was to lose just about 40 pounds.  I crossed the halfway point months ago, though those last couple pounds were pretty stubborn.  Then I held steady through the summer and into fall.  I was okay with that.  Yeah, I would have liked to have done better but I was dealing with some other issues at the time, and I was glad to just maintain.

Then along came the kitchen remodel, with lots of stops and starts.  I had to pack up a lot of what was in the cupboards in August, but we still had use of the fridge and stove.  In October, when the workers could focus on my kitchen full time, we lost the stove.  I stocked up on Cheerios and fruit and frozen dinners (I moved the microwave into the dining room) but we also ended up going through a drive thru just about every day.  Sometimes, more than once. The treadmill and the Pilates machine are in the basement, and getting to them during the remodel meant maneuvering through workers, and materials, and tools, trying not to get in the way.  So I just didn't.  By the time the kitchen was finished it was the holidays and I had gained back nine pounds.  I didn't bake any Christmas cookies, but I did make some cashew brittle for Walker's mom, and some English toffee for Walker.  And of course, friends and neighbors dropped off lots of cookies and treats.

So here we are, on the first day of 2014, and my net for 2013 was a loss of about seven and a half pounds.  Sigh.  I tell myself that at least it's a loss, it could be a lot worse, but....damn.  I worked so hard, with so little to show for it.  But: the fight isn't over.  I have reset the little yoga girl, and this time, she's gonna slide across the finish line.