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Monday, December 21, 2009

Remembering Henrietta.....

On December 6, a light went out in a small town in Minnesota. Unremarkable, really, unless you were lucky enough to know the source of that light: my aunt, Henrietta.

Henrietta was a quiet, constant presence in my life. Always smiling, always supportive. She had a vast network of friends, and the ability to put people at ease no matter what the situation. No matter how brief your meeting, she would remember you. And you would remember her. She was unforgettable.

Henrietta checked on me regularly during my fibroid saga, as that was something we had in common. I think she was the only person in my circle who really understood what I was dealing with. After my surgery, I asked my family and friends to let me recoup for a few weeks before stopping by. Henrietta came anyway, bringing flowers and offering support. I was very glad she came.

It's impossible to imagine the holidays without my aunt. Saturday night, Walker and I took Diva to a city park to see the displays of holiday lights. One display pretty much said it all. "I love you all dearly; now don't shed a tear. I'm spending Christmas with Jesus this year!" I think it was very fitting that it was done in lights.

Rest in peace, Henrietta. We miss you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seven Degrees....

Winter has decended with a fury. Snow, ice, and bitter cold wind combined to make life miserable here in the Midwest. This time of year, with Christmas approaching, it's usually easy to block out the weather and focus on the season and the family. This year, somehow, things are differnt. I seem to feel a perpetual chill. Walker has been saying the same thing: he has a chill he can't shake. I know it isn't the house, as we feel this where ever we go. Winters get so long here.

January is the time when I start thinking we need some sun. I watch for airfare sales and, on more than one occasion, I have called Walker at work asking him to "take a few days off next week." Of course he does, though at the time he usually doesn't know why. Somehow, spending a week with sand between our toes makes the rest of the winter fly by.

This year things will probably be different. With both of us having surgery this year, and the economy still in the toilet, we will most likely be staying put for the winter. Maybe that has something to do with the's going to be a long, cold winter.