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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hoar Frost

Walker and I were running errands the other day when I noticed fog floating in from the direction of the river. The temps had been way below zero for a few days, and when I saw the fog I suspected we were in for some hoar frost. We finished our errands quickly and headed straight for home.

Hoar frost occurs when water vapor, such as fog, touches a very cold surface and freezes on it instantly. This can happen to any object that's cold enough for the water vapor to freeze on. It doesn't happen a lot around here, though. When it does, I grab my camera and head outside because it doesn’t last long. But what a beautiful sight while it lasts!

We took our little rent-a-dog, Baizie, along with my camera and walked the bike trail near our house. The evergreens looked like flocked Christmas trees. The view was absolutely gorgeous. We walked for an hour or so on the bike trail near our home. By the time we headed back, snow had started to fall and the hoar frost was already disappearing.

Here's a little red for Ruby Tuesday:


  1. Pine needles frosted
    white with frozen river-fog—
    who is the artist?

    Piper Clad in Red

  2. Beautiful photos, especially the last one. I love it:)
    Happy tuesday!