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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What a Day!

Every Monday on Facebook, I find a whole page of "I hate Monday" posts.  One of the joys of working the night shift is, by the time I roll out of bed, someone else has worked the kinks out of Monday, so it's business as usual for me.

Not this week.

First up, a visit from my nephew.  He lives Fargo, North Dakota, and he doesn't own a car so when I invite him for a visit, I send him a train ticket.  The train leaves Fargo every morning around 2:30.  Or so they say.  It's frequently late, though not always.  So we have to keep watch on the Amtrak website.  I tend to wait until I know he is on the train and it's moving in the right direction before I go to bed.  This time around, however, it was late.  SIX HOURS late.  Sigh.

Now, y'all know I'm a night owl and staying up is not normally a problem, but there were two factors.  One, Amtrak doesn't man up and tell you right off the bat the train is six hours late, so you may as well go back to bed.  No, they tell you it's two hours late.  Then, half an hour later, they tell you it's still two hours late.  An hour after that, they tell you it's three hours late.  Et cetera.  Knowing this, I would have liked to tell the kid to go to bed, I'll call when it's an hour away so he could head to the station then, but I couldn't stay up all night monitoring it;  I had a root canal appointment at noon.  My nephew had to keep getting up to check the website, watching for updates.  The poor kid was wiped out by the time he finally got here.

To make matters worse, a little over an hour after I finally went to bed, Walker's alarm went off.  Now, Walker was at work, and I don't know why his alarm would have been set for 6am even if he was home.  Regardless, I was sound asleep when the thing started blaring. In my bleary eyed state, I turned off not only Walker's alarm, but my own as well.  I overslept and had to fly out the door with wet hair to make my dental appointment.

Now, as far as root canals go, this one wasn't bad at all.  The doctor is about the nicest person, and I would enjoy a chat with her anytime.  Her assistant is a sweetie, too.  So, while I wouldn't volunteer to go through that again soon, it wasn't all that big of a deal.  Unfortunately, while I was hanging out with the dentist, Diva's mom was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after having chest pains during a clinic visit. Walker got a call from a nurse at the clinic, asking if one of us could go get Diva and bring her home with us.  Walker immediately went to collect her.  Diva's mom is doing okay, but she was admitted to the cardiac unit and they are checking some things.  We don't know when she'll be home, so Diva is with us for the duration.

Walker called to tell me this as I was running an errand after the dentist.  I had a couple more errands on the list, but I wanted to go home to check on Diva, make sure she wasn't frightened by the experience.  She's fine.  That kid is a trouper. But, as I was hurrying into the house, I almost went down in the driveway.  I managed to catch myself, then looked around for what I might have tripped on.  Guess what?

This is the shoe I was wearing.  A big ole chunk of heel fell right off.  The other shoe was ready to come apart, too.  I'm just glad it waited until I got home.  My favorite shoes, now in the trash.

After all that, I would have liked to kick back and relax, but I had to feed the kids and get myself to work.  I was at the office for over an hour when I got a call from a co-worker in the other building:  the person I split my work with was out sick, and I had to do not only my own job, but hers as well.   Oh, and then my contractor called.  They want to start work on my kitchen remodel.  First thing in the morning. 

Now I hate Mondays, too.


  1. I can understand your frustration with Mondays after all of that. Hope Diva's mother is okay now.

    1. Thank you - Diva's mom is still in the hospital but is doing well. We've got fingers crossed that she may go home tomorrow.

  2. I hope Diva's mom is home by now. I don't think I could survive crisis after crisis in one day any more. Things will get better.