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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have Pedometer, Will Travel - on Foot, That Is!

My Goal: 42 pounds. Maybe a little more. We'll see when we get there. Geez, that sounds like a lot!!

My Tools: South Beach Diet Plan to be used as a guide; South Beach cookbooks; bicycle; free weights and body sculpting tapes; yoga DVDs; Walker.

My Challenges: a full time job plus a part time job plus Walker still recuperating plus a house and yard to take care of = not much time; a raging sweet tooth; limited budget until Walker can go back to work.

My Secret Weapons: Orbit Sugar Free Gum in Sweet Mint and Diet Snapple Plumagranate Iced Tea. Good things that taste like dessert but won’t wreck my plan.

So I'm taking the weekend to dig out my exercise equipment, plan some menus, set up a place to do my workout DVDs, and make a stock-up trip to the grocery store. I need a new battery for my pedometer, too. I'm thinking of turning the garage into a home gym but I need to talk to Walker first. I like the idea, though. We don't park in there so why not? Hmmmm.......

I'm excited to get started. In reality, I've already gotten started, though I'm not tracking anything yet. I'm thinking about every food choice I make, and I took time for a walk this morning before work. My plan is to add exercise to each day, and make the healthiest possible food choices. I don't want to do a "diet" per say, but rather, I want to make changes I can live with for a healthier overall lifestyle. And, let's face it: I want to fit into the clothes in the basement closet.

Ready, set, GO!

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