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Thursday, July 9, 2009


When I was a kid, my mom spent a week in the hospital. Thirty some years ago, that was the norm after surgery. I remember her preparations: shopping for nightgowns and robes, buying travel sized toiletries, scheduling rides to and from her medical appointments, and, of course, making arrangements for my care while she was gone.

When she got home all the neighbors brought over food, candy and flowers, and magazines. She spent the next several weeks in bed, recovering. We moved a TV into the bedroom for her, and I brought her meals on a tray. We got her a bell to ring if she needed me. My aunt came over to help my mom with her grooming. My sisters did the grocery shopping, laundry, and yard work, while I tried to keep the house clean and made the meals. That fall, I picked out back to school clothes from the catalog and my mom ordered them over the phone. When the orders came in, my mom still wasn't allowed to drive so I borrowed my sister's backpack and rode my bike downtown to pick them up, paying with my mom's store charge card.

It's funny how much has changed. I doubt I'll be getting any meals on a tray after I get home. My neighbors aren't aware of my upcoming surgery. There's already a TV in our bedroom. I'll be back at work, full time, before the end of the summer. I could be home from the hospital less than 24 hours after I check in, if all goes well. I didn't bother shopping for robes and nightgowns, though while I'm running errands this weekend I might look for a robe. I'm considering an iPod, too, though I doubt I'd use it enough to justify the purchase. I ordered some books from and I bought a carpet sweeper light enough for Diva to use on her own so she can help keep the house neat. I made up menus of grillable food for Walker.

All that's left is the waiting......

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