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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to School, Part II

Today my sister and I took our smallest nephews shopping. Cubs is nine, and Squeak is seven. They couldn't be more different. Cubs walks in, gets out his list, and starts tossing stuff into the cart without fanfare. His only requirement? Nothing in the color green.

Now Squeak, on the other hand, took his shopping very seriously. He also had a list, but for each item he studied all his choices before making a selection and placing it carefully in the cart. He organized his finds, making sure not to pile things too high. As each item was decided, he carefully crossed it off the list.

Me? Well of course I had a list. I bought myself a rockin' raspberry handbag and a lip gloss. I had to start carrying a bag again after my surgery. If I put my cell phone and keys into my pants pocket, the pants fall down. Lovely.

After shopping we treated the boys to pizza slices before we headed for home. Our tradition is one I look forward to every year, but I have to wonder how long the boys will be willing to hang out with their old aunties. Cubs is already showing signs of becoming a 'tween. I don't think it will be too long before we're ousted in favor of shopping alone while mom browses in another part of the store where no one will see her.

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