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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, June 17, 2010

When Did We Move to Forks?!

It's been raining EVERY DAY. Walker finally got my bike out of it's winter home behind the shovels and roof rakes in the garage. He took it to the gas station to refill the tires and cleaned it all up for me. But I haven't ridden it yet. Have I mentioned the rain?

The lawn squishes when we walk across it. The inside of my car has taken on a musty smell. My tomato plants are happy, and the rhubarb is going totally nuts, but Diva is stir crazy and the dogs aren't doing much better. We consider it a lucky day when we can actually finish getting the grass cut between storms.

The pool opened on Saturday but we didn't go. Rain. Diva wanted to go on Tuesday but it was only 67* and shortly after it opened for the day - more rain. Tomorrow, we're supposed to have clear skies until evening. If that isn't just a cruel joke, Diva and I will be zipping down a waterslide all afternoon.

Somehow, even without much exercise, I have managed to tally up "twenty pounds" in the weight loss column on the spreadsheet of my life. I have about twenty or more so to go. Maybe a little more; I'm not sure. When I was thin, I didn't own a scale. I try not to think about how I'd be doing if I actually had been able to go biking. I'm just enjoying the journey, such as it is.

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