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Monday, June 21, 2010

Wild Encounters

Not even 5 am and it's already been a busy morning! I was sitting at my desk logging some hours on my work at home job when I heard the most God-awful noise coming from the patio. Of course I had to check it out, and I was horrified to see a neighbor's cat holding a tiny baby bunny in his mouth. I yelled at the cat to "Put him down!" and for some reason, he did. The little bunny was only about four inches long and he hunkered down in the grass while I slipped onto the patio and chased the cat away. I slowly approached the bunny but didn't touch him. I was hoping he wasn't seriously hurt. He didn't appear to be bleeding or anything, and after a couple minutes he hopped off, hopefully back to the safety of his momma and his nest.

When I went back into the house my own kitty was acting agitated, which at first I thought was because of all the noise on the patio, but then I watched her pacing by the front door and went to that side of the house to take a look. Out on the lawn in the very first light of the day was a gorgeous doe. She saw me watching her and began to approach the house. I slowly backed away from the door and grabbed my camera, but just that quick she disappeared. One of these day's I'll learn to take the dang camera with me.

ETA: Not five minutes after I published this post the dang cat was back on my patio. I think the bunny is hiding under the steps, cause the cat was going nuts trying to get at something under there. I chased him away again, and the dopey thing ran straight across the street into a yard with four dogs. The racket was crazy. I have a feeling I'll be hearing from some neighbors today.

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