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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome, Friends!

I had some questions in my comments yesterday. First, where am I? Well, we live on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin.  It's chilly here now, about 46* as I write this, but that tree that's turning red is, so far, the only one on the block.  And yes, Ernie is my kitty. She is 22 years old and declining a bit, but she's still got some fight in her, so we're working it out. She's at my feet pretty much all the time when I'm home. She's my baby.  I do not want to think about what will happen when I have to let her go.

Now, my new friend Dawn is wondering how I found her blog. I had to backtrack a bit to answer that. It looks like I followed a couple links, starting with a comment on Donna's blog, Just Me.  From there I went to Midlife Mom, another blog I had not visited before.  And that is where I found a link to  Grandma Dawn.

I love reading blogs.  I love "meeting" people that I would likely never have the opportunity to get to know in my day to day life.  I love reading blogs written from places I have been, so I can revisit, in a way, my memories, and I love reading about places I have never been, so I can learn new things.  What seems like an ordinary day to the writer is fascinating to me.  I wish I had more time to explore the blog-o-sphere.  I wish I could have you all over for lunch.  I wish I had the means to visit all the wonderful places I read about in my cyber friends' pages.  Most of all, I love the community spirit and the comments that readers take the time to leave.  Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you all again soon ~


  1. Thank you for posting this blog entry. My sons live in Madison, and I have good friends who used to live in Prairie du Chien buy now live in Wauzeka. I will be visiting my sons in December. I always go to see them in December or January and people say I'm crazy to leave a cold place (AK) for another cold place. And they're right. In fact, it's usually colder in WI (with the windchill and the humidity/wet weather) than it is here in AK with our dry cold. Ahhh.. but they're my kids and I only get to see them once a year. I like WI in the winter. Maybe someday I'll get to visit in the summer.

    My kitty is 14 now. I hope to have her for a long while more. 22 years is a long time for a kitty. My friend's kitty lived 24 years. Amazing!

    Take care and stay warm. It's autumn here now and we're thinking of turning the heat on in the house. I'm holding off as long as possible.


  2. Thank you, friend!

    I enjoyed driving through your beautiful area some years ago. :)

  3. Please send your 46-degree, tree turning, autumn weather our way! I am ready! :)