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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Waiting for the Storm

Peeps, I am so glad the week is almost over.  There must be some nasty bug going around my office, because for two weeks I got called in early every day to cover for one coworker or another.  I don't mind helping out, but they need a better plan than, "Call Denise."  One night, there was supposed to be seven of us but only two made it in, me and the overnight guy.  There is just no way to provide good customer service when you are stretched so thin.

We're expecting a major snow storm tonight. My sister is scheduled to fly out on vacation this weekend, and she's been saving for this for years.  It's her 50th birthday present to herself.  I have my fingers crossed that nothing happens to ruin or delay her trip.  She so deserves it and has waited so long.  Of course that means my puppy nieces will be in residence for a couple weeks.  And after that, my handsome nephew will be spending his spring break here with us.  It's good to have things to look forward to.

On a routine visit to the clinic, I had to go the "old" part of the building.  I love that building.  I used to work there.  There are treasures to be found in unexpected places:  gorgeous 100 year old hardwood flooring in a seldom used closet, a stained glass window in a forgotten stairwell, pressed tin ceiling tiles that, miraculously, have never been painted over.  Bits and pieces of history. LOVE that!  So I'm over there, my appointment is over, and I stop into the restroom.  Interesting, what I found there:

 Need a closer look?  

Yes, Peeps, for some reason, someone labeled this faucet "Ice Water".  Of course I tried it, and of course nothing came out.  That part of the clinic, decades ago, was a hospital ward.  While I'm sure they never truly found a way to deliver ice water through a faucet, I'm thinking they used that spigot to fill up those little pitchers patients had by their beds.  In it's current setting, I thought it was funny. So there ya go. 


  1. I just love the faucets. BUT what I really love is the word spigot. Takes me back to an olden place. HOPE YOU GET A NIGHT OFF, soon. Good luck to your sister.

  2. WE GOT THE STORM!!!! Lots of storm. Don't wish that on anyone.