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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Blues

Walker left early this morning for a Superbowl family reunion weekend.  I could have gone, but when we planned it, I was looking forward to a couple days to myself, after the craziness that comes with the holiday season and the end of the fiscal year at the office.  Now, I'm thinking that wasn't a good decision.  I don't mind being alone, but the last couple weeks have been difficult.  Right now, the house is too quiet, even with the TV for company.

My sweet friend, the lovely Miss Cherie, has entered hospice.  She was diagnosed with cancer one year to the day that I officially beat it.  To me, that was a good omen:  Cherie would beat it, too.  We would share a happy anniversary.  And for the next year, it looked like she would do just that.  She looked great, she felt great, the tumors were shrinking, she had minimal side effects.  Then, suddenly, the cancer fought back.  Chemo quit working, radiation quit working, an army of cancer cells like evil Pac Men took over, spreading and growing, and now....well, now there is hospice, and tears.  Friends post wishes, prayers, and happy memories on Facebook.  Some of them say good-bye.   It's so, so hard to just sit here, waiting, praying. I have done this three times now.  It sucks, I hate it, and there is not one single thing I can do to make it better.


  1. Seems like every time I turn around, somebody else has cancer. It must be on the rise.

  2. Thanks for the comment on Spunky. That is what I fed him this morning and it staed down. Only a little. I will be giving him a little more if he comes out around one. Here I am moanng about our furry baby and you are losing a friend to cancer. So sorry.

  3. Lucy, Spunky is part of your family. It was just a year ago I lost my kitty Ernie. I know how it is when they're sick and can't tell you how they feel. I hope you're both having a better day today ~

  4. I am so very sorry about your dear friend. I wish had the words of comfort to help you through this difficult time. Cancer is such a hard thing to deal with. Like you I am a lucky survivor and it is hard to watch friends and family loose the battle.
    Sorry you did not go and the house is so quiet. I get lonely here lately around here must be the winter blues.
    Funny you came by and commented yesterday because that morning I was thinking about you. Isn't it something when that happens. I do know it happens a lot out here in this world of blogging.
    Also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment about me moving. It is not suppose to happen until the last of May but it is in my mind night and day trying to figure out if I am doing the right thing.
    Who knows I guess until I do it.

    Take care
    Love ya