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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Deja Vu

Six months after my mom and I toured Alaska, my dad passed away. He had been living in New Mexico, and I was the one appointed to clean out his home and settle his estate. His sister drove down to help, and my sister and brother flew in, too. My dad had some wonderful friends who sacrificed their family time to lend a hand. Still, it was more than three weeks before I was able to go home, and I shipped seven large cartons home with me, to sort out later. I also had several large piles of paperwork to get through. When it was finally done, I told Walker, "I need to recharge my batteries. I know I just got home, but I want to go back to Alaska." So we did.

An iceberg in Prince William Sound

Walker aboard the Tanina in Seward Harbor.  We went whale watching!

Hiking in Denali Park

On the deck of our cabin overlooking Bishop's Beach ~

The only flower on the beach, at Homer Spit

We stopped at a wayside just outside Homer.  I LOVE the views in that area.  Paradise!!

Walker thoroughly enjoying a slice of bumble berry pie ~

The view from the cabin at our last stop, in Majestic Valley ~

We stopped at a wood carving shop in Soldotna, where a man with a chainsaw turned a log into a bear in about fifteen minutes.  Fascinating to watch ~


  1. Alaska is beautiful. Looks like a perfect place to unwind.

  2. My niece is principle of a school in Alaska. Moved from California, after she met a guy on line. She had been divorced for some time. All must be well. She and I sort of stopped keeping in touch because when her mom got sick with cancer in Ca. she was not married to the guy but stayed there as much as possible, She was their only child and she did not want to stay with her mom,in Ca. She wanted me to fly out there and be with her, Joe was just recovering from his heart surgery and I did not have the money to go out. It was a quick death and amazingly her daughter managed to be there.

  3. Don't know if you will see this or not but thanks for the tip on sleep aid. Have to try it. Guess I better quit complaining. I just get so used to using the blog as a "get your feelings out". Maybe ove4r did it this time.

    1. Lucy, you go on and tell us whatever you want. That's what friends are for, right?