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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Evening on the Prairie

May was a wet, wet month here in the Mississippi Valley.  While we didn't have the kind of extreme weather many parts of the country experienced, we did have three times our average rain fall.  In this area, we're surrounded by marshes.  Looking across them, you can see the weather roll in.

On my way to my brother's house, we stopped to take in the view.  We could see the storm clouds starting to gather ~

By the time we arrived, they were ready to burst.  We were planning to visit around a campfire in the back yard, but we had to wait a bit, until the rain and wind passed ~

After the storm ~


  1. Looks like beautiful countryside. LOVE that rainbow after the storm.

  2. Very pretty photos. Have you had storms at all? we have had more than our share but just thankful we don't live in Oklahoma.

    1. Thunderstorms, a bit of flooding, and some damaging wind. No hail, no tornadoes, thank goodness ~