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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not So Little Miss Diva

Diva's hanging out with me this weekend.  We used to spend time together often, but as she gets older, she's been busy with activities of her own.  I miss her, but I know this is all part of growing up, so I keep my feelings to myself and enjoy her when I can.  

Diva helped me in the kitchen, where we dipped strawberries in chocolate...

while Walker grilled brats for dinner.

Bro stopped by, and we talked him into joining us

Later, after Bro went home and Walker went to bed, we had a makeup lesson ~ today, we learned to do eyes


  1. She sure has grown, and what a good looking child and good looking dinner on the grill That is amazing how her eyes popped out with the make up.

  2. Beautiful girl, your Diva! How old? Eleven? Fifteen month old Baby Ruth stood on a chair and helped MawMaw was greens yesterday evening. She loved it! Grandchildren are the bomb!

  3. Yes, Miss Diva is eleven. Heading off to middle school next month ~

  4. Her eyes are gorgeous. makeup or not.

  5. Little Ms. Diva is so beautiful. I know exactly what your saying. My Kaci is growing up just as fast and it breaks my heart to not get to spend as much quality time with her as I once did.
    Thanks for sending us a few hours of rain. It was a big relief to get what we did and I am praying more with come soon.
    My computer is still giving me problems so I am at the library today trying to catch up with a few of my blogging buddies.
    Hope your well and I am glad you shared these pic's with us.