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Friday, July 5, 2013

Road Trip in Photos

Last summer, my nephew, Duncan, completed the requirements to become an Eagle Scout. He lives on the western border of Minnesota, while the rest of us live all the way across the state.  We had traveled there for Duncan's high school graduation last May, so my sister decided to hold off the Eagle Scout ceremony until this year, to save us from making that trip again so soon.  In good weather, with normal traffic, it takes around six hours of driving time.  But summer in Minnesota means road construction, all over.  So we never know what to expect. Despite working the night shift, we always try to get on the road before noon.

Walker & me, ready to hit the road

my mom joined us for the trip

first traffic jam, just past Minneapolis

Walker needs a smoke break.  That's him, wayyyyy back there

Fuel stop

Looked a lot darker and more ominous in real life.  We got back on the road in a big hurry.

my mom passed the time sending text messages

the navigator showed the pilot a little love

another construction- caused traffic jam.  Eight miles an hour and.......

182 miles to go.  sigh.

We made it!  We had a suite.....

with a big comfy bed,

and a view of a field.  When the train isn't there, you can see the golf course down the road.  Train noise doesn't register with us - we live a block from the tracks at home.

Walker went to Walmart for a scented candle.  I waited too long to reserve a room and all they had left was smoking rooms.  Walker goes outside to light up, so we're not used to having that smell in the house.
Walker went golfing at first light, but he brought me a little brekkie before he left.  Nice surprise to wake up to.

I got busy making pasta salads in the hotel room.  We had a microwave and a fridge.  I brought all the ingredients and utensils from home.

I dripped a little water on the floor and wiped it with this towel.  Ewwwww!  Don't they ever mop????
We brought our food to the church where the ceremony was being held.  Squeak and Cubs "helped out" in the kitchen

Squeak showed off his surgery scar to Gramma

Walker's still feeling the love

Gramma and Squeak

Cubs, Squeak, and Bro were in charge of the Kool-Aid

The church had some beautiful windows

The boys waited patiently for the ceremony to start

The scouts lit candles to illustrate the various steps toward becoming an Eagle

Duncan got his new scarf

And took the Scouting oath

then presented flowers and pins to his Grandmothers.....

who were so proud of him.

His proud aunties were also honored

before he gave a speech.

Nephew Reilly was on the color guard, who closed out the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we took some family photos

before enjoying lunch.

Cubs was really tired of having his photo taken

so he trapped me until someone got mine

Then we went to the site of Duncan's community project

And got a little silly

Okay, a lot silly

Reilly pretended his shoe was a phone.

Back at hotel, Walker ambushed my sister as she got off the elevator

My flowers
All that fun wore Walker out.  He crashed in his chair around 8pm

so I put my feet up and relaxed, too.


  1. I enjoyed the photos of your trip - - and the best part is that I didn't have to do any of the driving!

  2. Looks like fun. Congratulations to your nephew.

  3. Sounds like fun. I am lucky to make it across the room. We did our share of traveling in younger days.

  4. Enjoyed your trip pictures. Congrats to your nephew! Looks like fun times and fun memories! Was trying to imagine how you made food in the hotel room. Way to go! And ewww on the dirty floor. lol

    1. The key in my microwave pasta maker. The rest is easy, though I try to avoid using recipes with mayo. :)