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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Magic on My Morning Walk

As a novice blogger, I'm learning the hard way that every day provides opportunities that can be missed in a heartbeat. Case in point: very early this morning, long before the sunrise, I took a break from working at home to walk a lap or two around the block to clear my head. Half way through the first lap, I came across three deer in my neighbors' yard. A large doe with two fawns. Of course my camera was at home.

Deer in my neighborhood are nothing new, but I don't often come across them while I'm walking. They seem to hear me or catch my scent long before I get this close. More than once I've heard them crashing through backyards or seen them bound away down the block. I've even seen them at the birdfeeder on my own patio through my kitchen window. These deer weren't more than fifteen or twenty feet away.

The doe immediately stepped into the shadows and froze. The larger fawn, right under the streetlight, also froze. The little fawn looked right at me then continued to move around the yard, nibbling on treats in the garden. A minute later the little fawn had moved past me, putting me in between himself and his mother, putting me in harm's way as the doe began to march her front feet nervously.

Slowly, slowly, I backed away, careful not to startle the unpredictable fawns or take my eyes off the mother. After what seemed like hours I was all the way across the street. The doe tossed her head, apparently signaling the fawns it was time to go. The larger fawn took off around the side of the house. A moment later, the little fawn followed. Only after the smaller fawn was out of sight did the doe turn away from me to run after them.

My camera will be with me from now on.

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