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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My How Things Have Changed!

We had SNOW last week. It didn't stick, and the weather is supposed to warm up in a few days, but I can't help but wonder what happened to put Mother Nature in such a foul mood. Actual snow in October is pretty darn rare around here.

Despite the cold and wet, Walker and I managed to last through an entire high school football game. His alma mater took on mine, and I'm happy to say that my boys prevailed, giving me bragging rights until at least next year, when I'm sure they will whoop butt again.

It's been years since I attended a football game of any sort, but high school? It's been decades. We work nights, what can I say? Anyway - I was totally taken off guard by how much things have changed. The school girls were wearing tutus and knee socks. Where did that come from? The baton twirler added fire batons to her routine for halftime. The marching band had electric guitars. How, exactly, does one march with an electric guitar? I guess I'm getting old.

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