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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It's raining.  The air has a heavy feeling, and I would not be surprised if that rain turned to snow.  Diva and her little friend Alli made the rounds yesterday, delivering Girl Scout cookies.  I'm glad they got it all done, cause the weather today is bone chilling.  I was planning to go grocery shopping when Walker gets home with the van but I'm starting to rethink that plan.  Right now, I'm parked at home with a loaf of bread dough rising and home made beef barley soup simmering on the stove.  Going outside is just not appealing.

Friday, when I drove to work, the oil light in my car came on whenever I was sitting at a stoplight.  Walker spent yesterday online trying to figure out why, since the car is not low on oil. All he learned was that happens when the oil pressure isn't ideal, but he wasn't able to find a cause or solution.  I'm not sure I should be driving my car until we get this figured out, especially in this weather.  I definitely don't want to get stranded and I don't want to damage my engine. 

It's hunting season here.  Despite the lack of snow (yay!) my neighbors managed to bag six deer yesterday.  Unfortunately, they have three of them hung from a large tree in their front yard.   Where they will likely stay for a week or so.  Right across the street.  Where I have to look at them every time I pass my living room window.  Which is pretty much all day long.  I get that hunting actually helps the deer herd.  I understand that hunting is more humane than letting them starve.  But I would much rather watch them playing in a field than strung up in a tree.  That's just how I roll. 

And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sissy.  I promise not to mention which one this is.  *grin*

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