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Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's funny but right after I wrote the last post, early this morning, I suddenly couldn't stay awake.  I logged of the computer, went back to bed, and slept like a rock.  Which makes me wonder: am I keeping too much inside?  Maybe my efforts to pretend everything is normal, everything is fine, I am fine, is acting against me. I've been trying to just accept all this cancer stuff as just another speed bump of the road of life but I'm thinking it might be getting to me more than I'm willing to admit.  It might be time to look into a cancer support group or one of those alternative programs my cancer guide was talking about.  They do healing touch massage, acupuncture, wellness classes, stuff like that.  I kind of dismissed it because the programs are generally held in the evenings, when I'm working, but I could always take a couple days off. 

Something good came out of my insomnia, though: since there was nothing on TV except infomercials and home shopping, I chose QVC for my late night viewing.  They featured an iCarly video camera on their toy show, and when I woke up this afternoon I ordered it for Diva's Christmas gift.  There weren't any product reviews on it yet, so I hope it's a good toy.  Diva loves anything iCarly and she's been wanting a video camera since Mattel came out with a Barbie doll that has a camera in it.  This one cost less and looks a lot more sturdy. Plus, it's purple, her favorite color. I have my fingers crossed that it works well. 

Walker went to town on the bathroom project this weekend.  He took down all the trim, gave the walls and ceiling a second coat of paint, and sanded and primed the vanity inside and out.  On the plus side, we're almost ready to have the new tub liner, shower surround, and lights installed.  On the minus side, the bathroom is torn up worse than before.  Walker had to empty the vanity and take down the towel bars to get his stuff done.  I'll be able to put everything back together after he goes to work, if I can stay awake that long.  If we ever move, I'm going to insist we find a place with two full bathrooms. 

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