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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Milestone

Today was my twelfth radiation treatment, which means I'm more than a third of the way to the finish line.  Just the last few days, my skin has started turning a little red and my "treatment area" has become just a bit sore.  All in all, it's not bad.  I have learned to squat rather than bend over, as that reduces the chances of squishing the girls.  I make a pillow barrier around me when I sleep, so the dogs don't jump on any sore spots when they greet me in the mornings.  I reach for things with my right arm, as the left arm has some tender spots underneath.  Like that.  It's all good.

The radiation team tells me I'm a rock star when it comes to treatment:  I line myself up perfectly on the table, I've got gated breathing down to a science, I don't freak out when the machines are buzzing and moving around my head.  I joked that finally, I had found my talent.  It appears that I'm really good at being a cancer patient.  Go figure. 

I've started the bathroom makeover, but I have to admit we're not moving very fast.  I have one coat of paint on all the walls and ceiling.  That's it.  Unfortunately, I did that about ten days ago.  Last weekend I just wasn't up to working on it. We also have to hire a guy to put in our new exhaust fan, and he's booked out a couple weeks, so I don't feel any rush.  Sometimes I feel like I need a deadline to motivate me.  As long as we're done sometime this year, that's good enough for me.

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