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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!

I had my last radiation treatment today ~ Wahoo!  Thirty five down, NONE to go!!!!!

After my treatment I was presented with a celebration cake. Then I had a meeting with the cancer guide, who officially proclaimed me a "survivor".  She gave me some info on upcoming survivor programs, and had me ring the bell mounted on the wall in the waiting room to signal the end of my program.  Everyone stood and cheered.  It was a pretty awesome moment.

When Walker got home from work, I took him out for lunch, where  I ordered a margarita as big as my head.  Can I tell you - we work nights, and not on the same days, so going out for drinks has become a major event reserved for very special occasions and vacations.  I usually don't miss it, and I can't even begin to guess the last time I had a margarita.  But: I have been dreaming of this cocktail. Every. Single. Day.   I have no idea why, and there was absolutely no reason why I couldn't have had one during the treatment phase. I just never did.  I would lay on the table, looking at the cherry blossoms painted on the light covers while the machines buzz around me, and I would tell myself that as soon as I got through my last treatment I was going out for margaritas.  It got to the point where I could smell the lime, taste the salt....Bizarre, I know.  It would have been more like me to give myself a big basket from Ghiradelli or something.  Generally, chocolate is my bribe of choice *grin*.

Having taken these treatments for over seven weeks, I've pretty much gotten my afternoon routine down.  I was thinking that I should take advantage of the time I've carved into my day and spend it alternating between exercise, which I've sorely neglected since my surgery, and taking care of the little "issues" around the house that have cropped up.  If I spend an hour a day on one or the other, I should have both me and the house in shape by spring. 

Right now, though, I'm focused on Christmas.  We didn't get cards sent out this year, and we didn't put up a tree.  We didn't host our annual Thanksgiving dinner.  We aren't hosting Christmas.  But I shopped for gifts online, and I'll be there to watch my not-so-little niece and nephews open those gifts after we sit down for a delicious dinner at my baby brother's house.  That, for me, is the best part of the holiday season.  The only part I don't want to leave out.

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  1. What a great xmas gift - no more radiation! Congrats on finishing:)