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Monday, July 9, 2012

Goings On

This week is shaping up to be a busy one.  I have my first physical therapy appointment this afternoon, tomorrow I have a dental checkup, then on Thursday I'm back to the dentist to finally get my broken tooth fixed. The root canal is still pending.

The PT appointment today is an evaluation for my dodgy knee, which of course is not bothering me at the moment.  The therapist will let me know if I need follow up appointments.  I'm hoping, if I do, that there won't be too many of them.  I'll do whatever I need to so my knee doesn't keep acting up, but it's finally tolerable here, weather wise, so I hope I don't spend all my free time at the clinic.

Miss Diva decided to sign up for some summer school classes.  She thought that since she is of German lineage, she should learn to speak the language.  That started today as well.  So I won't be seeing my sidekick as often as I would like this summer, but I lost her to a good cause.  I love that she enjoys learning so much.  I hope she never loses that. 

I realized I haven't done a Spark post in a while, which is mainly because I have nothing to report.  My weight has been constant since the middle of May.  I haven't been actively working at it, but I'm thinking I need to start over when I get some of this other stuff knocked off the calendar.  Only problem is, I'm not sure when that will be.

Yesterday, Walker and I paid a visit to the Home Depot.  We picked up paint chips and carpet samples, and I took a look at some new entry doors.  Our old door is wood that swells in the summer, so much that it's hard to close.  Then in the winter it shrinks, so Walker has to add felt stripping to keep it from getting drafty. Since this new carpet is supposed to last 20 years, I want to fix whatever is a problem now, before it's installed.  That's the plan, anyway.  The budget may say differently.  Stay tuned......


  1. Hope PT went well. Sometimes they make it HURT worse than it does??? That is GREAT Diva is taking a language course. In my experience... when you start remodeling, one thing leads to another, and then EVERYTHING gets replaced. LOL GOOD LUCK staying on budget. The up side is whatever you do will be fun. take care.

  2. I would be glad to get those dental appointments out of the

    Miss Diva is headed in the right direction. that is great!

    Sometimes is pays off to take a break in a diet, then start again.

    Good luck with your painting and home improvements.

  3. Good luck on refinishing an older house. We have one but ours is really old and no way could we ever come up with the money to remodel. Miss Diva is a pretty smart kid. Hope she continues. Yes our neighbors are seriously messed up. They think drinking and causing trouble is normal.

  4. I love the title for your blog and the premise behind it!! - Barbara in Caneyhead