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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aw, Rats ~

Yesterday's physical therapy appointment went better than expected.  My evaluation showed that I have good flexibility, decent stability, good strength, and no obvious injuries to my knee area.  The swelling and pain I had earlier this spring was attributed to overdoing the exercise, wearing the wrong kind of shoes, and skipping the shoes all together when I did the elliptical and the Zumba.  Who knew?    The therapist gave me some strengthening exercises to do, but I don't have to go back.

Now today's appointment did not go as well.  Nope, not at all.  Including the broken molar, I have four stinkin' cavities.  I was going to tell the dentist, "If you find anymore someone is taking me for a margarita!"  Because really?  Dental care is something I'm usually pretty good at.  Not sure why I'm having so much trouble lately.  I think my recent addiction to Coke Zero is a contributing factor, so that has to change.  The hygienist  told me that all the cavities are under or next to old fillings, so her theory is those fillings are cracked, making it easy for decay to take hold.  At any rate, I have a couple more appointments added to my calendar, and I'm feeling pretty darn pouty about it.

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  1. Only 4, that's nothing. My teeth are in really bad shape from meds I was taking and disease. hate to think what any dentist I would go to says. GLAD to hear your knee is okay, That must be a relief. Shoes do make a difference.