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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Nom Nom Nom

Ernie's been getting fussy with her food lately, so this morning Walker stopped at the vet clinic for a bag of the "other" kidney food, a dry kibble type thing.  I wasn't sure she'd eat it but holy crow, I no sooner opened the bag and she literally came running.  She was chowing down and she started making these noises.  Seriously, I thought she was choking.  Um, no.  She was just happy.  Walker makes the same noises when he eats, LOL. 

I Want  a Big Backyard

Yesterday we took Diva to the community pool.  It's a pretty little pool with diving boards and slides and fountains.  There's a zero depth entry and two divided areas with varying depth.  Great when the kids were little.  But.  There are a couple brats hanging out there, and there are a couple lifeguards who need a new profession.  The brats had a spitting contest off the slide.  Really obnoxious.  Especially when one of them got the bright idea to spit on the hand rail and see how far the goober would slide.  The lifeguards in question spent more time talking to each other than watching the water.  Walker and I were sitting in the shade having a soda and we watched half a dozen people break half a dozen rules.  For myself, I don't really care what everyone else does, but this tells me that I can not drop the kids off and go.  Ever.  If they lifeguards aren't paying attention sooner or later someone's gonna get hurt.  I trust my kids to behave but that doesn't mean there won't be an accident or that someone else won't start something with them.  We finally left when the pool closed for an hour for a "fecal incident".  I know, right?  I wish we had a big backyard so we could put in our own pool and be done with it.  When I was a kid my mom would send us to the pool for the afternoon, and I don't think she ever came.  She didn't drive us, either.  We rode our bikes.  The admission was a dime.  Now we pay a hundred bucks for a season pass for the three of us. And if Diva goes, an adult goes with her.

Happy July 5th

My neighbors shot off fireworks all weekend.  Til after 2am each night.  We haven't had much rain lately, and the grass is very dry.  Rockets are prohibited in the city, but people shoot them off anyway.  I enjoyed the displays but I'm glad it's over now, too.  The noise was a bit much that late at night.  And there's a lot of mess to clean up.  Bits of burned up fireworks are in the street and all over my lawn from the neighbors.  I will never understand how some folks can make a royal mess and just leave it.  We're pretty much used to it from those people.  Their kids are heading to the teen years and I dread it.  They're pretty obnoxious now, cussing all the time and getting into trouble.  I have a feeling it's only going to get worse.  Maybe they can go to reform school with the brats from the pool, LOL.

Miss Diva

Diva has signed up for a bunch of day camps.  The one she really wants is riding camp, where she would spend a week learning to care for and ride horses.  She signed up with her friend from school, but the class was full so they ended up on a waiting list.  I hope they both get in.  They also signed up for archery and bowling.  Those are just one day each.  My mom handles the arrangements and makes sure the kid gets dropped off and picked up at the right time, as these camps start bright and early and Walker and I are still doing the night shift.  I love that the kids have so many opportunities these days.  When I was a kid they didn't have all these activities.  Maybe Diva will develop a passion for something.  I think, at times, her life can be difficult.  I don't think she's aware of that yet, but she will be, soon.  Both her parents are divorcing her step parents, and she's moved around a lot.  She's gone to several different schools.  She's a happy kid, and a smart one.  If we can keep her focused on something positive, I think she'll be okay. 


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