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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holy Crow, It's Hot Outside

Like most of the country, we're havin' a heat wave.  We get humidity, too, so much so that driving home from work was like something out of a movie.  It was thicker than fog, and it looked different.  The moon was a pink orange color, something I have never seen before.  The heat index is forecast to be in the 115* range.   Yikes!

Our neighborhood is undergoing a transformation this summer, as roofs, windows, and siding are being replaced due to hail and tornado damage.  Even in this heat, crews are working.  I guess they have to - the season here is so short.  We have a wonderful linden tree in the side yard, and today, the roofing crew from next door set up camp on the lawn under the tree where the shade is dense.  I felt so bad for those men, working in this heat.  If it were up to me they would be enjoying a paid day off.  But, since it's not up to me, the best I could do for them was haul some patio chairs under the tree so they didn't have to sit on the ground.  Not much, I know.  I would have made them some iced tea or lemonade, had I known they were starting work.  They did have a big cooler full of bottled water on ice.

We're not expected to get a break from the heat until the weekend. Here's hoping that the weather gurus are mistaken.  In the mean time, we're logging lots of hours at the community pool and trying to stay cool any way we can.

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