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Friday, July 15, 2011

Well, It Was a Good Idea, Anyway.....

A couple weeks ago I got an appointment card in the mail for a blood test at the cancer center.  My doctor wanted to do a six month test to make sure my liver wasn't having issues with the Tamoxifen.  Since I also have my annual thyroid check in July, I called my thyroid doctor to see if she could add her lab tests to the oncology lab tests, so I'd only have to go for one blood draw.  Apparently I inherited tiny veins from my dad and blood draws are a long, complicated affair. 

Well, it was good in theory.  The thyroid doctor agreed to add the lab orders to the oncology orders, but somewhere along the chain someone dropped the ball.  When I showed up at the lab yesterday after doing the twelve hour fast as required, the phebotomist did not have orders from the thyroid doctor.  She tried calling that doctor, but could not get through.  So she took an extra tube of blood and left a message for them to call her.  I decided not to leave it to chance and called myself, when I got home.  They still had not put in the orders, even though my appointment to go over the results is today.  I spoke with several people, each of whom blamed someone else.  Well, I don't care what happened or who messed up, just, please, fix it, now, so I can keep my appointment today.

We'll find out at 4pm.

Ernie continues her roller coaster ride of health issues.  She appears to be constipated again, but this time, rather than have her knocked out for another enema, I decided to try some home remedies first.  We started giving her Benefiber in her food, which she doesn't seem to mind, and we're also giving her a bit of milk, which normally is not good for kitties but according to my research, a quarter cup of milk a day for a couple days in a row can clear up constipation in kitties.

We'll find out over the weekend.


Walker is concerned that we have gone overboard with the treatments and will find out in a most unpleasant way.  I hope not.  I'm giving the home remedies until Monday, and if Ernie isn't......cleaned then, she has to go back to the vet.  Given her bad behavior at the vet, I really hope it doesn't come to that.  I bet the vet hopes so, too.


  1. I hope your blood work come out good.
    Ernie's problems too.

  2. I hope you get a good report from your blood tests. Hope Emie gets her problem solved.