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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ben!

So hard for me to believe that this teeny baby

grew into an adorable toddler

then became a little boy who described himself as "bunctious!"

and loved to play and play
but mostly loved his family

is no longer a little boy. 

Happy 18th birthday, Ben!  

Now, this post should end with a photo of grown-up Ben, but, being a moody teenager, he has neglected to distribute his senior photos to his relatives.  Even Gramma has been left hanging.  And, since he's been MIA from the last several family events, I have no recent photos of my handsome young nephew. So I asked Diva to help me out.  She was happy to oblige. 


  1. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, BEN. And many more.

  2. What a cute little boy. They grow up way too fast. I would bet he is a handsome 18 year old! You are not bad yourself, very pretty.
    Have a good Sunday, DD