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Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Order is On Order

Your Order is On Order

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This is the order tracker for my new front door.  This icon hasn't changed since July 18.  That would be a bigger deal except that Home Depot called on Thursday.  The carpet that was supposed to be ordered on Monday, wasn't.  They wanted to "go over", for the third time, my carpet choice.  So the whole project is behind schedule.  My new install date for the carpet is supposed to be around the tenth of September.  So much for wrapping this up before Labor Day. It's been a whole lot of "hurry up and wait".

Last week I was on mandatory over time at the office.  I'll be doing that this week, too.  Seems like, when we're so busy at home, for some reason we also get extra busy at work.  Then, when things calm down, we wander around wondering what to do with all our extra time.  It's hard to keep up with everything, and I really should stay home today and try to make sense of the piles of displaced stuff all over the house, but Walker and I have decided to shut the door on our project for the afternoon and immerse ourselves in some old fashioned fun. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell ya all about it ~

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  1. Glad you decided to take a break. Hope you have fun. Look on the bright side, surely everything will be FINISHED in the home improvement department by Thanksgiving. And you'll have something to be grateful for. LOL Take care.