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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Um, YUM!!!

Diva's Daddy is getting married.  His fiance, a wonderful girl that we cannot wait to be related to, has decided on a casual affair.  With that in mind, she opted to have a dessert buffet instead of a traditional wedding cake.  She's asked several friends and family members to contribute a few pans of their favorite treats, and everyone has been happy to comply. 


She hadn't asked me and Diva.  What's up with THAT???  We decided she is just not aware of our supreme fabulosity in the area of kitchen confections.  Really, we're a fantastic team.  So we decided to do what the caterers do:  we held a tasting.  We spent the whole morning baking, then we invited my mom, my sister,and the bride-to-be over for a "light snack". 

Miss Diva seated our guests around the dining room table and got each one a beverage.  Then she brought out all of our treat selections, announcing each one as she carried it in.  Soon, everyone had  plate of sweet treats to sample.  Ta-dah! 

Now who can resist all this deliciousness?

We sent a sampler box to the neighbors, and one home for Diva's Daddy ~

And guess what, Peeps? We got the job!!  The happily surprised bride ordered some of everything for her big day.  Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!

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  1. PRESENTATION is everything. Congratulations to Diva and you for securing the job. The upcoming nuptials are going to be a sweet treat, for sure. ENJOY!