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Friday, November 23, 2012

Deck the Halls

Nephew Cubby decided to sleep over on Wednesday night, since he was on vacation from school and I had the night off work.  He packed a bag for the occasion:  

I don't even rate clean socks, LOL ~

Since I had the night off, Walker and I hosted a lasagna dinner for the family.  Before we ate, Cubby and Squeak decorated my Christmas tree.  It's a pretty sad looking Walmart clearance reject but after the boys show it some love, it's not too bad:

I'm glad the boys are still willing to do this, because I really don't care to.  We're not home in the evenings to light the tree, and with no little ones here, it's just not a priority to me.  I do like to have a tree up when someone else does the work, though.

After dinner the boys resurrected my Jib Jab account.   They had a good time making holiday greetings and posting them on Facebook.  This one is my favorite, so I'm sharing. Click Here and Enjoy!

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