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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Still Here!

After a whole lotta run around, HP had me mail my PC in to their repair place.  I'm still waiting to get it back.  At first, they said they would send a tech to my house, but then they said they will only give the tech one replacement part, so if they guess incorrectly what the problem is, the tech won't be able to fix it.  I have never heard of something to dumb.  Where I work, we send our repair techs out with a kit full of parts, supplies, and tools.  You know, so they can do their job.  Anyway:  It's just me and the Dell, which does not have a photo card reader built in, so I can't show you anything fun and exciting from my world today.

Not that there has been too much excitement going on.  I'm still sick, Peeps.  (Insert sad smiley here).  I had the follow up appointment for my mammogram, and the doctor told me the girls are fine, but she was concerned about my lungs.  She gave me some new antibiotics and made me promise to come back as soon as they are gone, if my bronchitis - or whatever it is - isn't completely gone.  I'm tired of being, literally, sick and tired.  I like to stay busy but I burn out pretty easily these days.

With the antibiotics upsetting my stomach, I haven't been eating much.  I keep thinking my jeans should be getting loose by now, but that has not been the case.  There should be a rule:  if you don't feel well for weeks at a time, you should at least be guaranteed a couple pounds dropped.

Miss Diva had a fundraiser for her school.  She had to sell homemade apple pies.  We weren't sure, with the drought, that the pie sale would go on this year, but we were told that Minnesota orchards did not suffer as much as other parts of the country.

The pie sale was a pretty cool set up:  the teachers gave the kids order forms and sent them into the world.  I told Diva to come down to our neighborhood, since her school is on the other end of town.  I figured there would be too much competition in her own neighborhood.  So her daddy brought her over and she went door to door, with Walker and I trailing behind.  She wanted to sell ten pies.  She sold sixty five.  Oh, yeah, baby!  She was number three for the whole group.  The top seller had seventy.

So after the order period was up, the teachers ordered all the food and had it shipped to a culinary school here in town.  The culinary students made up the crust, then the parents and kids each took a three hour shift making pies.  They had to make 1300 total, and everyone had an assignment.  Diva's job was to take the pie pans lined with bottom crust to the corn flake table.  Not sure what they did with the corn mom was assigned rolling the crusts, which is her least favorite part of making pie.  Her partner didn't mind the rolling, but she had a hard time making balls out of the chilled dough.  So they worked out a system where my mom make the dough balls and the other gramma rolled.  Worked pretty slick.  My sister in law also volunteered.  Their shift completed four hundred pies.  When they finished, Walker and I stepped in with boxes and my SUV and we loaded up Diva and her pies.  Armed with a clipboard and my pre-determined delivery route, we made the rounds.  We were kind of under the gun -  all the pies had to be delivered or frozen that day, since they are unbaked.  I am happy to report, we made it happen.  When we were done, we went home and baked a pie of our own.  I'm sure I'm biased but that was one great tasting pie.  My mom came over in her jammies to try a slice.  It was just that good.


  1. I wish I had lived near I would have bought a pie I love pies. Good job Diva.

  2. I would have bought a pie also, may be more than one. Tell Diva congratulations.