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Monday, October 29, 2012

Spotty Random Bits

The latest from HP is that they finally got my purchase receipt uploaded correctly, so they are able to verify that the PC is still under warranty.  The reps who are working on it do not know what's wrong with it but they narrowed it down to either the mother board or the hard drive.  They were supposed to send a tech to my home this week to fix it, but they claim they can only give the tech one part or the other.  If they guess wrong, and the PC is still dead, I have to mail it in for more repairs.  So they're having me mail it in right off the bat, which takes longer than having someone come to my home.  Not to mention the hassle of having to haul it to the post office.  It's been dead for about a week and right now, I'm waiting for the special mailing box to be sent to me.  Then it will be four to six days before they fix it and mail it back.  I'm not pleased, that's for sure.

I'm still sick with the bronchitis or whatever it is.  I also have a lovely collection of hives all over my skin.  Not sure that brought that on, but it's not comforable.  So far, the only places I don't have them are my hands and my face, so at least I'm not going to scare all the kids who (hopefully) trick or treat at my house on Wednesday.  I have to work Halloween night but I always pass out candy before I leave for the office.  I love to see the little ones all dressed in their costumes.  Diva is planning an 80's outfit, which seems weird to me as that was my high school era.  Has it really been so long ago as to make a good Halloween costume?  I suppose so.  Sigh.


  1. Seems like forever since I have been by. I am so far behind with keeping up with blogging. I do miss my friends so I hope to get back into visiting more.
    Sorry about your computer problems. That is one reason I am not blogging as much mine is so slow it takes forever to go to different blogs.
    I miss having little ones trick or treating. I live to far out now to have any.
    Hope your well

  2. Bummer on the computer. I have not haD to much trouble with my HP. Except for one E-machine I have had HP's . Hopefully yours will get fixed soon.