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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Go Ahead, Kick Me When I'm Down

Remember back in June and July when I had six dental appointments?  The dentist told me that two of the cavities he filled were deep, so he advised me to wait until my next six month checkup to do anything more with them.  He said one or both of them could need a root canal down the line, and both would need crowns at some point.

I'm pretty sure one of those teeth needs a root canal now. 

It didn't start hurting until I got sick, and I'm hoping that the sinus pressure is irritating it, and maybe I don't really need the root canal.  Hey, denial is not always a bad thing.  The antibiotics I'm taking for the bronchitis are making my stomach do flips, and the idea of anyone working on my teeth right now just completely repulses me.  I'm hoping it doesn't get worse until I kick this respiratory thing.  I have eight more days on the meds. I'm just glad that only one of the teeth is hurting.


  1. Oh NO!!!!not the dreaded dentist, especially with sinus problems. I have had 2 bouts with sinus. They make a person miserable. Get better soon.

  2. Oh, don't ya just love root canals?
    You are not alone, I have one coming up I believe.

    I hope you get over the tooth problem with the other illness.

    Take care,

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon. Antibiotics always makes me sick . Take care. Jean