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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Know I Said Kick Me but I Was KIDDING!!!

In the "October is not my month" category, I bring you the sad news that my PC, which is less than a year old, has bitten the dust.  I can turn it on, boot it up, and run it for 30 or 40 minutes before it shuts itself down. I contacted HP to see if it would be covered under a warranty, but so far they have not bothered to respond to my query. I do have a slower-than-molasses notebook that I use to check email, but it's sooooo sloooooow I can turn it on, make a snack, and change my clothes before it finishes booting up.  Not good for much, that's for sure.  Loading blogs with photos?  Um, no.  Not unless I have an hour to kill.

Plan A is to find out about the warranty, then have the thing repaired.  Plan B is to shop for a new one, which isn't in the budget, but I have this pesky work-from-home job that requires me to have a computer.  I'm going to dust off my mom's old Dell, which we stored in our basement when Bro lived with us, and see if I can at least get that thing running.  I'm pretty sure it moves about as fast as my notebook but we'll see.  Our budget will take a double hit if I can't do the second job while my computer is being repaired.  Too bad I can't rent one.......


  1. does it get hot?
    if so, maybe it's the fan?
    I hope they help you

    1. We think alike, Salem! :) I checked the fan first thing, and it's spinning. Was hoping it was something easy like that.

  2. If this goes we definatly will have to leave it stay that way. With insurance coming up today and my expensive pills no new PC I got a note wanting to know if they could check for a warranty on it or not. I said not . I am sure it is up.