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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's All About Love ~

Last weekend Walker and I had the pleasure to witness the power of love from both ends of the spectrum. On Saturday, we joined Walker's family in celebrating the forty-fifth anniversary of his Aunt Diane and Uncle Wayne. They are two of the nicest people you would ever want to know, and they've stood together through some trying times. Diane has been battling breast cancer for four years now. She was my inspiration during my fight, and she is a hero in my eyes. Wayne is also fighting cancer. He never complains, never says, "Why us?" He's a truly kind person, one of Walker's favorite golf partners. We love them both very much.

The venue for this shindig has several party spaces. While we were celebrating in our area, some sort of polka fest was going on across the hall. The polka people caught wind of our party and stopped by offer congratulations. There were a lot of them, all dressed in their lederhosen, and the toast they offered up was punctuated with lots of singing and cheering. It was fabulous. and very fitting.

Celebrating forty five years ~

The polka master

After the toast, they all lined up to clink glasses ~
After the party, I dragged Walker to Kmart for party supplies, then off to the grocery store.  When we got home I finished the evening by dipping five dozen strawberries in three kinds of chocolate, whipping up a batch of nut goodie bars, and putting together margarita bars for those goofy folks who don't care for chocolate.  The sun was coming up when I finally went to bed. 

That afternoon, Walker and I gathered with my family to celebrate the marriage of my big brother Jeff and his bride, Stacey.  Unfortunately, the weather threw them a curve with wind, fog, and rain shrouding their outdoor ceremony.   No one got upset, though, they just said their vows a little faster and popped off to the luncheon a little early.   Stacey is a breath of fresh air for our family, especially my little Diva, who welcomed her new step mother with open arms.

The happy couple ~

We gave the kids some auto chalk and let them decorate the get away car ~
My momma offers a toast ~
The kids thoroughly enjoyed the festivities, as long as the quarters held out ~

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