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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mississippi Valley Color

We weren't expecting frost this morning, so I left my patio plants outside.  That includes my little grove of miniature citrus trees.  So of course, we got frost.  I have my fingers crossed that the plants were close enough to the house to not be damaged.  Time will tell.

 It seems the drought has had a polarizing effect on the trees.  Some of them dropped leaves that never changed to fall color, but the trees that did change....WOW.  I have never seen color as vibrant as we have had this year. 

From my front step ~

My birch saplings ~

My mom's tree ~

My neighbor's tree ~

Neighborhood park ~

So quiet ~

Mississippi River Valley ~

I love my commute ~
Still blooming ~


  1. Most of the leaves here are gone. They start changing in August. We don't get much color as the birch trees just turn gold and yellow. A few imported trees turn red but you only find them where people are. It was 15 degrees at 7:30 this morning. The forecast is for more cold weather but at least it's not raining/snowing.

  2. I just adore trees decked out in their fall wardrobe! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good pictures. The drought affected the trees around here, Our leaves have been falling before it was any where near time. They aren't pretty. It said in our news paper that was how it would be. I buried my balloon bulb, what was left of it after hubby got through emptying the dirt. It was small pieces but I buried them all in the wishing well. How is the tooth and sinus?