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Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October, Peeps!

I love fall.  I love the changing leaves, the cool night air, Halloween.  Not as crazy about what comes after fall, but for now, I can handle a few more Midwest winters.  Someday I hope to follow in my in-laws' footsteps and winter in a warmer climate, but that remains to be seen.  Retirement is a ways off yet.  Sometimes, it seems too far.

I worked overtime every day last week.  Not only that, but my boss, whom I had never met, came for a visit.  He's been my boss for about a year now, so it was nice to finally meet him.  It's amazing to me how fast things at home fall apart when I'm occupied elsewhere.  I spent the weekend doing laundry, cleaning up, and getting ready for this week.  Walker enlisted Diva to help me, but early Sunday afternoon she found out one of her kitties had been hit by a car.  The tears were immediate, but that poor kid is used to losing pets, so she didn't hold on to her sadness.  I breaks my heart to see a little kid struggle to act grown.  I told her, cry as much as you want, it's okay.  Of course, watching her cry made me cry, too.  Sigh.

One of our errands was a trip to Walmart, where we discovered a clearance sale on men's polo shirts.  Three bucks each, and they had a whole pile of pink ones.  We bought them all, and now, since October is breast cancer awareness month, we're offering a pink shirt to everyone who visits us.  We have already found homes for five shirts.  Diva made it her job to lead our visitors to the coat closet and offer them a shirt.  She took it pretty seriously, too.

After that we began baking some of our fabulous treats for Diva's daddy's upcoming wedding.  We made five pans of individual cheesecakes.  We also made Diva's favorite lemon bars.  Our freezer is full of deliciousness.  The day before the wedding, we'll make 100 peanut butter balls and three pans of triple chocolate brownies.  Hard to believe there's a wedding in less than two weeks.

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