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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sparkety Spark Spark Spark

I finally got back on the scale, after avoiding it for the last several weeks.  Our "remodeling diet" of fast food, fast food, and more fast food led me to gain six pounds.  Honestly?  I was expecting ten. Doesn't matter in the long run cause it's all got to go.  I hated to move my little weight lifter girl in my blog header backwards.  I hope I get to see her zipping toward the goal again very soon.

With that in mind I dusted off my neglected Spark People account and started logging my meals.  I sent Walker to the grocery store, but get this:  on the way home he called me to see what I wanted him to pick up for dinner.  HELLO!  He just does not get it.

I also bought the shoes my physical therapist told me I needed back in ~ cough ~ July.  He told me not to exercise in my old shoes, as they aren't stable enough, which was leading to my knee pain.  So my exercise has been on hold until last week.  I've been taking short walks, about thirty minutes, each day, in my new shoes.  So far, the knee is fine.

Last week, and again this week, I have mandatory overtime at work.  I like being busy but at this point, I would welcome some down time.  About the jackass next door to my office:  Several of y'all suggested that I call the police, and I did think about it.  There were a couple reasons I didn't.  The main one was I felt it was like poking the bear.  You know, like if you're out in the woods and you come across a bear sleeping.  You don't get a big stick and poke him with it, you just quietly get the heck out of there.  I figured, this guy obviously has an anger problem, and if me reporting him gets him fired or something, then he's twice as mad with nothing but time on his hands.   I did write down all the details of the incident, including the time, location, and numbers on his truck.  The parking lot at his office is under video surveillance, so there is proof if I need it.  But since, on that day, I was coming into the office much earlier than normal, it's not likely I'll run into him again.  I'm using caution but I'm not going to dwell on it.

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  1. Good idea not to dwell on the incident. Hopefully it won't happen again.