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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Around My House

Walker went grocery shopping.  Lovely tomatoes, right?

Or maybe not. EWWW!  From now on, no more shrink wrapped veggies ~
My latest project:  had to fill all the screw holes.....

With these teeny little pegs, lined up just right.  You get one shot to get it right, cause they DO NOT come out ~


Walker's project:  crown molding going up ~

I just love how it looks!  It's a royal pain in the butt to cut, though ~

I'm trying my hand at growing a succulent.  Never had one before ~


  1. You are doing a great job and everything is looking so nice. I know you will enjoy it once you have everything all finished.

    I like your new plant. I have been thinking of trying one like it.

    Take care, DD

  2. Oh, I forgot those tomatoes...they looked so pretty...and then,

  3. Things are looking good at your house can't wait to see the results. Take care.