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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Driving to work today on a two lane highway.  Coming over a hill, I could see the right lane up ahead was at a standstill.  The left lane was moving normally, so I moved over into the left lane.  This stretch of the highway is 50 miles per hour, and that's what I was going. No one ahead of me, no one behind me for quite a ways.  Suddenly, a jackass in the right lane got sick of sitting still and veered into my lane - right in front of me.  I hit my brakes and hit my horn and by the grace of God, I did not hit him.  I probably cussed, and my heart was pounding, but everything was okay.  Except.

At the stoplight, the jackass, who was right in front of me, started shaking his fist at me in his rear view mirror.  My first thought was, he can't be directing that at me.  HE was the one who didn't look where he was going.  He can't possibly be mad at ME.  I ignored him, until, at the next light, he did it again.  Then he pointed at me.

I got a pen out of my purse and wrote down his license plate.  He was driving a commerical truck, so I wrote that number down, too.  We both turned at the light, into a shopping area.  I figured he was making a delivery somewhere and I would lose him now.

No. Turn after turn, he was in front of me, shaking his fist into his rear view.  Finally we both turned down the street where my office is.  There isn't much down there.  I figured he was driving through.  I slowed to turn into our parking lot, and he slowed, too, turning into the lot next door and backing his truck up to the loading dock.  HE WORKS NEXT DOOR!

I continued to ignore him as I gathered my things.  I made sure I had my door key handy, and I set the alarm on my car. But he was standing in his parking lot, staring and pointing and shaking his fist, the whole time.  Finally, I called out to him, "Is there something you want to say to me?"  He just kept pointing and shaking.  I went into my office - which is not accessible to the public - and got to work.  A few minutes later Mr. Jackass drove past my window and showed me his middle finger.

Now I ask you:  what would possess someone to behave this way?  Forget that he almost caused an accident pulling in front of me like that.  The whole, "I'm going to behave in a threatening manner toward a woman who is doing nothing but driving behind me" thing is, in my opinion, a sign of an unstable person.  And I'm the lucky one who ticked him off just by being there.   Awesome.

Courtesy of Yahoo Images.  There was no way I was going to take a photo of the real jackass!



  1. WOW, what a creep!! I would report him. He almost caused an accident and then was obnoxious.

  2. I believe I would be on the phone with the police. He did harass you by driving by your office after it was all over and give an obsene gesture!!

  3. That guy is not only a jackass, it sounds like he's a very dangerous one. He should definitely be reported.

  4. I agree I would report him. In Texas you can be arrested for shooting the finger at someone. File charges on the idiot he certainly deserves it.
    Mean while watch your back.

  5. This person certainly needs to be reported, but sometimes that is a hard decision to make.

    If he harrasses you more, do something. At least file a complaint against him, getting it on record, then let the officer guide you as to an arrest or not.

    I hope you have no more trouble with him.