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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Busy Random Bits

All this "hurry up and wait"-ing we've been doing on our living room project has come to an end, and now we're scrambling.  We have mostly finished painting the walls, except for a bit of touch up.  We have wood pocket doors in the foyer and the dining room, which I originally wanted to leave natural, but we decided pretty much last minute that since all the other trim is white, we needed to paint the pocket doors, too. So Walker has been working on that.  Today, I hired my niece, Mara, to come over and help me clean up all this dust.  We took down light fixtures, ran the curtains through the washing machine, wiped off every surface, and vacuumed the floors.  Walker even brought in the ladder to clean the top of the kitchen cupboards and the top of the fridge.  I think we got most of it, which is great because all this dust?  It was pretty frustrating to deal with.  I would wipe counters and tables before I went to work, but by the time I came home more dust had settled and everything was dirty again.  That should all be taken care of now.   All we have left is to install the front door, reattach the trim, hang crown molding, and of course, install the carpet that started this whole project.  It sounds like a lot but most of the work will be done by contractors.

Because of all the dust, we haven't been cooking.  Walker goes out each afternoon and returns with a "bag of deep fried easy" or however that commercial goes.  We've run through all the options - burgers, pizza, tacos, subs, chicken, Chinese take out, gyros, pasta.  I am literally afraid to step on the scale.  I know the salt content of these meals has been heavy, as my fingers are constantly swollen.  I'm sure the nutritional value has been lacking, too.   Honestly, I feel like a lump.  I have to force myself to keep moving, because the energy just is not there.  I don't like it, and I can't wait to have my home in order so I can focus on something else for a while.  I still haven't found the shoes the physical therapist told me to wear when I go walking, so I haven't been walking.  I miss it.  Fall is coming.  I don't want to miss the golden days because I feel like I can't get off the couch. 

Right now, we're waiting for Isaac to bring us some rain, but it looks like it will fall short.  My neighbor is shooting off illegal fireworks.  It's hard to think straight with the windows rattling, and I've got my fingers crossed that the dry ground won't catch a spark.  Walker is going golfing in the morning.  I have a lunch date with my future sister in law.  Things are just about as good as they can get ~

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  1. Well now that your house is almost back in one piece, you can let out a sigh of relief. Remodeling is a chore. I remember sanding our cupboards to paint and dust was everywhere too. That was sweet of your niece to help. Pocket doors are so neat. You are lucky to have them. Years ago I wanted some for my kitchen, but since the house wasn't built with them, I was told that was NOT an option. SIGH. As for all the carryout, it gets tiresome, for sure. But I am sure things will turn around. The sodium in it is bothersome, indeed. I am sure you'll feel more like yourself soon. Hang in there.