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Friday, October 29, 2010

Girls' Day

Ah, the weekend.....cue the sound of birdies and violins.  It's not here yet but I'm practically counting the hours.  Tonight will be a long one at the office. But: Walker has to work this weekend and tomorrow, I am taking myself SHOPPING. I haven't been out shopping for anything other than groceries in months.  Seriously.  Months.  Unless you count the afternoon I spent looking at shower curtains with Walker, which I definitely do not.  Shopping with Walker shouldn't even be called shopping.  He gets a ginormous  cup of melted milkshake (otherwise known as a latte) and makes a game of how fast he can get out of the store and back to his Laz-E-Boy in front of the TV.  It's kind of pathetic how excited I am that he's working and I can go it alone.

It started with the whole "Walker hates the bathroom" fiasco. The shower still is not fixed.  We don't even have a contractor lined up.  I've called to schedule one, twice, but so far I haven't gotten a call back.  I'm rethinking hiring them now - if I can't get them on the phone to schedule the work, where will they be if I have a problem? 

So while I wait and ponder my options, I decided we need a fresh coat of paint to go with the new shower curtain.  Since we're changing colors I want to look for some bath sheets.  The old ones are getting ratty anyway, plus they are a pukey shade of peach since an unfortunate bleach incident.  Then I realized that I start radiation on Monday.  I have exactly one pair of "good" socks, and I don't intend to traipse around the cancer center in holey ones.  Socks went on the list.  I have a pretty wool sweater with shamrocks on the pockets but nothing to wear under it.  Wool against the skin?  Um, no, thank you, I don't like breaking out in hives. I'll look for a green top.  Halloween is when?  Sunday?  Oops!  Better get some candy.  Et cetera.  By the time I was done I had half a page of errands, so I told myself to call it a shopping trip and make a day of it.  I might even pick up the new Sex in the City movie.  I haven't been to a movie since before my last shopping trip.  I wonder if I can still find the mall.

I'm like to take Diva with me, but I have to wait to see if she has a date with her Daddy. I think they were planning some Halloween excursions if he doesn't have to work.  Either way, it's retail. therapy and maybe even a little lunch out on the town.  Bring on the weekend!

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