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Friday, October 22, 2010

Still Going!

I'm nearing the end of my first week back to work.  I don't mind telling you, I am worn out.  I've been sleeping way more than usual, too, but when I'm up and moving around I feel just fine.  I guess my body is still recovering, though I don't feel it outside of needing the extra sleep.

The weather has turned cooler; the last two mornings, when I left work, I had thick frost on my car.  My poor veggie garden, abandoned after my diagnosis, is looking pretty bad.  The area around my house is in a valley, so we don't get frost right away, but I'd better get out there with Diva again this weekend to salvage what we can.  I doubt we'll have another chance before frost turns it into something resembling seaweed.  The gorgeous trees are nearly bare.

Walker is on a new schedule where he works four long shifts, then has four nights off in a row.  He loves it.  I'm still adjusting.  He gets home about the same time I get up each afternoon, and he has off all this weekend.  I hope we can juggle our time well enough to get some things done.  Last weekend, he was up while I was sleeping and vice versa.  We never did finish the housework last weekend.

On Tuesday, I had my last appointment with Dr C before she turns me over to oncology.  Everything was fine, technically, but my blood pressure has been creeping up a few points with each appointment.  Right now, it's still normal, but it's at the top end of normal.  I want to work on that before I see her again in April for my six month check.  She tells me that an increased BP is normal for cancer patients, with all the stress and so on, but I still want to try to bring it down a bit. 

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