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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pink Warriors ~ Fighting Like a Girl

My sister is wearing a pink shirt.

If you knew my sister, well, you'd probably be going, "Awwwwww!" right now. My sister is - ahem - slightly older than me and I can't recall ever, ever seeing her in anything pink. Ever. In fact, a couple years ago Walker and I were on vacation on the Gulf Coast and this surf store had these really cool pink jackets with little embroidered sea shells over the chest pocket and I wanted to pick one up as a thank you to my sister for taking care of our kitties while we were gone. Walker talked me out of it: he could not imagine my sister in pink anything.

But today, my sister is wearing a pink ribbon shirt in support of the cause. Walker has been passing out pink rubber bracelets to everyone we know ~ and they are wearing them, too. Two of my sisters friends violated their dress codes at work to wear pink camo tee shirts in support of a difficult appointment that I had to get through. Even the dogs are now sporting pink collars.  Go, Pink Warriors, go!

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