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Friday, November 18, 2011

Working for a Living

It may be below freezing outside, but someone in my office must be having hot flashes.  I couldn't figure out why I was so cold but when I checked the thermostat - somebody had the air conditioning on.  Since I was alone in the building I had no reason to leave it on, but it took a while to get the chill out of the air.

I've almost finished my long week of overtime.  Just two more nights.  It hasn't been too bad.  The forecast is calling for freezing rain on Saturday, which could make things interesting.  A couple of my coworkers have a real commute, and I've already told them if it rains, just stay home.  I can cover for them and it isn't worth them ending up in the ditch, or worse, attempting to get into the office.

We have a new time clock system at the office.  It started at the first of the month. I missed a punch coming back from dinner one night that first week, and my time card has been messed up ever since.  I emailed my boss, who tried to fix it, but I think whatever he did fixed the first problem and messed up something else.  He had trouble putting in my day off on Veteran's Day, too.  The hours showed up on Saturday the first time he put them in.  When he fixed that, the hours for the following Monday disappeared.  I think he's getting irritated with me emailing him every day, but at this point, I'm missing nine hours on my time card and I want to make sure I get paid.  This week, every time I punch in it shows me punching out, and vice versa.  Which means the 14 hours I'm at home during the day are showing up as work time.  The nine and a half hours I'm at work are showing up as my time off. The half hour for my meal break is also showing up as work time.  Have I mentioned that I have a new boss and I have not even met him yet?  His first impression of me is, I'm a problem child who can't figure out how to punch a time clock.  Lovely.  Only twenty three more years til retirement, LOL.


  1. how annoying
    but, hey
    it's not your fault
    hope it gets fixed, soon

    hi Ernie!

  2. Only twenty three years...It'll fly by before ya know it. If ya don't freeze to death first.

    God bless and have a delightful weekend sweetie!!!

  3. Oh, I would not like being considered a problem child. I hope it turns out that you like him after getting to know him better. Maybe it will work out, after all you do go in to work!

    Don't freeze way up there...north of here.

  4. My husband keeps it like a freezer in here. He has COPD. Claims he can breathe easier in the cold. I'm with you, turn up the heat. Hope the freezing rain doesn't get you stranded. Hey new boss or not, he owes you those 9-1/2 hours. Needs to fix that time clock. And give you your money At this rate you'll never get to retire. Take care.

  5. Electronic gadgets aren't very smart, wonder why the mfg didn't put a reset button on it. What a pain!

    I have COPD, cold is bad for me, just as much as too warm. I like 70-72F, I should say, my lungs do - I nearly always wear a sweater, because I feel chilly. :-)

  6. You get every penny coming to you. I have let a few things slide when I was working and now when I am so limited on money, I think how stupid was I. It is cold here. Up to 30 now but the wind is terrible.