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Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Bits

Happy Veteran's Day to all!  Please remember our veterans and their families today.  I am grateful for their service and their sacrifices, today and every day.

Baby Diva at the Veteran's Day parade
Planning our vacation for next year, we realized we had enough frequent flier miles for one free ticket and one reduced ticket.  Went to book them a couple days later and - of course! -  the requirements have gone up.  A lot.  Sigh.

Walker gave in and fired up the furnace this morning.  Denial is over and, at our house, winter has officially arrived.

On the advice of blogger friend Taryterre, I got the electric heating pad out for Ernie, so we wouldn't have to keep heating up her rice bag in the microwave.  That didn't go so well.  She sits next to it and howls.  Rice bag it is.  My mom made her a bigger one, and she curls up and sleeps for hours when we heat it up for her. Heating pad went back into the linen closet, and we are back jumping to attention when Ernie needs a reheat.  Ah, well - it was a good thought.

On the advice of blogger friend Shelley, I tried a new brand of fish oil - Norwegian Gold - and - SCORE!  They don't smell like fish and I don't end up with a nasty fish taste for the rest of the day.  I just may get my cholesterol down yet.

I took the night off work today, just because.  Walker is off, too, which is his normal schedule.  Our big plans for the day?  Run some errands, shop for a new snow thrower, and put plastic over the inside of our windows. Aren't we a couple of crazy fools in love, LOL?


  1. Darling little patriot for Veterans Day. Love all the randon bits.

  2. Adorable little patriot for Veterans Day. I give thanks for all the vets that come home, perhaps wounded or were one of the lucky ones that made it without injury. And vow to remember the ones that fought and were not lucky enough to stay alive. Take care, you all.

  3. Hurray, I'm so glad the Norwegian Gold is working for you!!! Worth every penny to this fish-hating person. ;)

    Your baby looks adorable!

  4. Too bad the heating pad didn't work. Poor thing was traumatized by it. I'm sorry. Ernie must really love the feel of that rice under her rear. LOL Glad your mom made her a bigger one and she stopped wailing. My dad is a veteran. So HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY to all who served. I appreciate their sacrifice. Baby Diva is too cute for words. Take care.