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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random Bits

My time card was submitted to the payroll department without the missing hours being added back in.  I had to contact Human Resources to try to fix it.  They're looking into it.  I remind myself that this time clock system is new for the bosses as well as for us worker bees.  We're all still learning.  I'm not going to let it go, though.  I deserve to be paid fairly for the time I worked, plus it makes all my overtime show up as regular hours, and that will never do.  Hopefully by the time I get into the office on Monday all will be resolved.

I made it through the last shift in my long week.  We got the rain we were expecting, but luckily it didn't get cold enough to freeze.  We're hosting the family Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, so when I get up later today we're going to get everything cleaned up and ready for the parade of relatives.  I hope the boys start without me, LOL.  I'm planning to sleep in.


  1. I had Thanksgiving every year after my sister that always had it was in the early stage of alzhiemers.I did it until my oldest son died Dec 21, 1992. I have not had it once, since. He had MS and that last year was rough. He was 42 when he died. Now I would have it but am not really capable of doing it any more. So let the younger ones take over.

  2. I hope they get your pay squared away!

    I hope they start the cleaning W/O you, is this a real possibility? They won't want to be real quiet so you can sleep?

  3. It's so frustrating when somebody messes with your money! My daughter has had so many problems with such issues.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - I'm having our celebration at my house, too, but only 14 this week. I never clean madly, because it just gets dirty again!

  4. Money owed is money paid. They better make it right. Having a houseful for Thanksgiving makes for a busy girl. Hang in there. Have fun. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Hi honey gosh it feels good to come by here tonight and catch up with you. I have missed you and can not thank you enough for the kind words you have left for myself and my daughter.
    Each day we are doing our best to get stronger and with friends like you we will make it.
    I hope things get straight with your time and you get paid. I don't blame you I would pursue it too.
    Sending you lots of love and good wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving