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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It is absolutely gorgeous outside right now.  I got up early so I could spend some time outdoors.  I decided to clean up the garden, which gets just trashed with leaves and debris over the winter.  I got out a large bucket for the trash and got to work.  An hour later, I had the front of the house done.  I was surprised at how much green there was this early in the season.

A big surprise was this cluster of daffodils, with buds already showing.  

 And a bright purple crocus bud, just about ready to burst into bloom.

 And this little beauty, already fully opened:

Moving around the yard, I found our river birch shedding it's bark. 

And then I noticed  something that I did not want to see.  It's not easy to spot from this photo, but you can see the dark, meandering lines in the grass.  These are mouse trails, made under the snow.  They go right up to the house, to the dryer vent.  Which does not have a screen.  I bought a screen, but Walker didn't think we needed to use it.  It's on now.  I just hope Mickey Jr has not taken up residence in our basement.

Tomorrow, the warm temps are expected to continue, but we're also expecting rain.  I am very grateful for the sciences that make it possible to know, in advance, what to expect.  I am so happy to have been able to enjoy this day.  It will be a while until we get another one.


  1. I am glad you had a good chance to work in your gardens and enjoy the nice weather. That is good exercise too! Your flowers are off to a good start. I love your river birtch. I don't have any and I know not
    Hope you have more nice weather to enjoy. :)

  2. WOW! Were you ambitious or what? I remember my days in the dirt with fond affection. LOL Looks like you got alot accomplished. My bulbs are coming up too. I want them to go back to sleep for a few more weeks, though. Spring hasn't sprung for sure. Your crocus is so sweet. I love purple. My fingers are crossed. I hope you don't see Mickey until you're in Disney. Take care.

  3. Your flowers coming up look fabulous to me! We have at least a foot and a half of snow up here in Northern Minnesota!! We have had a wonderful easy winter but I am so ready for grass, flowers, even for mowing my lawn and putzing in my flowers and garden. Ohh, gosh, I sure hope your mouse is NOT in your house too...Ish! I get a couple each year in my kitchen drawers... Shudder.... such nasty little creatures. I want to ask God why he created them when I get to heaven ha! Wendy, a lurker :-)